Asprey Farms is the personal permaculture 32-acre estate from famed nutrition and science author Dave Asprey. In alignment with the health and ecosystem-growing principles in The Bulletproof Diet, Dave and his family created this acreage to nourish the Vancouver Island community,  with a focus on heritage breeds, pasture-raised, happy pigs and grass fed lamb.  

Industrial meat production is unethical because it ruins soil and damages the vital diversity of agricultural animals. To maintain diversity in the animals that support us, humans, this year’s heritage breed pork is a mix of very well-treated Berkshire, Tamworth, and Hereford, raised in the Cowichan Valley. 

The pigs thrive on a pasture rotating monthly with a diet supplemented from on-site gardens and locally sourced certified organic feed and veggie scraps from the Community Farm Store (a local organic health food store). In keeping with Dave’s biological research, these happy pigs get weekly doses of organic extra virgin olive oil and Bulletproof Brain Octane oil (a special form of MCT oil that helps metabolism in animals)

This rigorous attention to detail creates the best pork we’ve ever tasted, full of so many good fats that you may find yourself dancing after you eat it. Expect incredible depth of flavour and just the right content of mouthwatering fattiness

After the pigs turn over the soil that supports Asprey Farms, grass fed lambs move in and help to produce even more fertile soil as they crop the grass and add nutrients. Heritage breed Shropshire- Suffolk sheep roam free on our property, munching on an assortment of grasses and herbaceous plants. In dry seasons, they stay vibrant with added local hay grown within a few kilometres of the property and non-gmo alfalfa.

When you support agriculture that respects the rules of nature, your food tastes better. You feel better. You can live longer. Animals thrive, reproduce, and do not experience suffering. Fertile soil grows and pulls carbon from our atmosphere